Dawn ~ by Ashley Morford

Ashley Morford

Dawn ~

at dawnlight
raspy breath
speaks in whispers
of inevitable ends

the sky melting soft subtle hues
throwing shadows
and you
your eyes dark
your body
throwing shadows
long lean
down the hallway

burrowed in blankets
in the morning light
and your ears
bent against the pillow
luscious locks of hair
soft in my hands

with so many adventures ahead
neither of us knowing yet
that we will be best friends
deeper than best friends

the impossibility of seeing the
ripples always travelling never ceasing
whispers carried on the wind and never dissipating
clouds rolling to all stretches of the world always moving
waves laughing up against one another thirsty for more

the sentiment wrapped in the
footsteps against linoleum
the way we walk together
strides in sync
as if nothing else mattered more in the universe
and alternate universes
and alternate worlds and histories and stories
like too sweet syrup
soft and healing and always spreading
is what you have become to me
and what you will
always be
glinting by the firelight

but i cannot see this in the
shadows tossed at

at dawnlight
raspy breath
cracking head against concrete
bubbling saliva
mixed with bile
turned to moonlight

Ashley Morford is a Master’s student in English at Simon Fraser University (Coast Salish Territory, British Columbia, Canada). She holds a Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council scholarship and the Simon Fraser Provost Prize of Distinction. Her particular interest is in exploring how British crime fiction and North American indigenous crime fiction can work with and against one another to operate as a decolonizing power.

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2 responses to “Dawn ~ by Ashley Morford

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