Five Poems by Timothy Collins

Timothy Collins

Dinosaur Arithmetic
sovereign poems
make an image
for everything

I’d like to say
one more time

St. Thomas
tried to will
the dawn with
arithmetic –
it almost worked
all this exhausting
care and it’s just
a trick of the light


the struggle
of sowing
the seed
the steering
of the ship

when I see
reflected back
from the

all the way
back to mortality
in sad

Naked Homer

cool people living in the ruins
feudalism is where it’s at
I’ve ousted so many demons
when the cure eludes me
what a horrible coma
naked beggar Homer
bailing out in the streets
yesterday lava burned my eyes
I guess that’s what I get
for living in a forbidden realm

(sensory deprivation
makes a black hole –
you can time travel
you must time travel)

the art of listening
to every burp and
whisper of conscience
especially when it’s
definitively irrational
what else were
you going to do
in this world

Ghost Symmetry

the lean hours
when grief
is assuaged
the grounds the
ghost didn’t stomp
my heart is
wandering somewhere
and somehow
thunderbolts of shame
if Death were
an equation of
golden symmetry
it’d look pretty




Plutonian Winds

sit around
and wait for
a ridiculous
fate –

the devil tries
out a new
what a miracle
to watch the
wind lift the
death fog
there’s a strange
expression watching
the partisans quarrel
these are experimental
Plutonian winds
at Absolute Zero

crystal teeth shining
in the black lagoon
& Mexican Gibberish
steal some pictures
from the Eyes of
the Sun choking on
your ever so charmed

Timothy Collins is currently finishing his MA in English Literature at Buffalo State College. He has had poetry published in several literary magazines, has published two refereed articles, and has presented a number of papers. Collins currently serves as US Editor of the upstart, UK-based literary magazine, The New Union and is a frequent contributor to the online music collective

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