Three Poems by Alyssa Keil

Alyssa Keil



i’m the lipstick and synth in a jordan marsh commercial
sleek black double breasted, searching for a lint roller
i turned collegiate triple deckers into

gangbang crackdown city streets [circa 1993)
but my fear wore off; my wonder undulled

I’m HERBS FOR DYES in the queens botanical garden
a four year olds poking me.
all other worlds have forgotten me

on display for this and this and this only simplicity
(in the midst of the motherfuckin city)

like a hug, a modernist hug





I have grown to expect fireworks
and to half see out of windows
the subway smell of sandwiches
sick bread on the megabus
and the arguments of
the people eating it

the greyed hexagonal pattern
on the megabus, in a parking lot
in state college pennsylvania
the faint outlines of mascots
for supermarkets, bus companies, and higher ed
everything you thought was low culture
possibly dead

honeybees are going extinct
the hexagons are circles now
in the music and muses
of these passengers you could find
the fresh sounds of bell biv devoe and merzbow
blending into one.

after so much staring through patterned decals
on the windows of busses to everywhere
we’d find ourselves maybe
eating churros in truro
massachusetts, the state

arbitrarily; perforated; linguistically speaking
no lights, no gunpowder explosion

(no dreamfilled guise
no idealistic footnote)





I am
The pen,

Boxes of
Plastic sticks
Tucked in
The dusty
the middle
Of Staples.

The ones
not torn open
By a young
hooligan or
Maybe a baby.


In the dreary electricity
Of indoor lighting
In daytime.

Livid within
The rhythmic din
Of “errands” in plazas
On Route 1.

Nine times out of ten
Its never clear if it is
Staples or an Office Max
On the inside, to mankind.

I am

I know

Alyssa Keil is originally from Rhode Island, went to a tiny liberal arts college in Massachusetts called Wheaton, and devoted some time wandering Scandinavia and the streets of Boston. She currently lives in Brooklyn, and sometimes Pittsburgh. She’s probably held at least 30 different jobs in her life, which range from community organizer to selling packets of flower and vegetable seeds over the phone. She is also working on a Master’s degree in Media Studies at CUNY, and is 99.5% sure she knows more about Czech television history than you.

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