Dog DiarieZ

Kristina Stagg

As the sky filled with darkness and the shadows were no more, I knew the worst was yet to come. My puppy days are over now! I know I am ready for this; I know I am trained for this. Master walked frantically around the house cursing to the roof as I sat in my bed with a slight tilt of curiosity to my head. Why is Master so worried, I do not understand?

Every evening, Master and I would watch the talking box about how the slow, bloody creatures are making their way across world and soon, nowhere would be safe. Why couldn’t anyone stop them? Why can’t we be safe? Master would always talk about how our home was the safest place to be. Out in the country, far away from people surround by chatty trees and whispering creeks. Home was small, paw built, but perfect for Master and me. It has only ever been the two of us. Long walks, endless play time and ferocious meals that always lead to long nap in front of the talking box.

The first sign of the creatures happened today, when the sky turned dark and I couldn’t see the annoying shadow that followed me around everywhere. It always copied me as if to mock my movements and it really made me angry that it always showed up when I was playing in the sun. The sun was not found for many days now, and each day Master would grow more and more anxious. No more bright time during the day. Master just sat in the chair in front of the talking box day after day. I would wag my tail and bring my ball to try to play, but always got pushed away or told to go lie down. One morning, both Master and I were awaken by awful noises. Bright screaming flames had filled the distant surrounding towns, sign number two…

No play time, no run time, and no fun time. Master doesn’t want to do anything. I have a feeling that I might be on my own for this adventure. I wish Master would let me outside without being on a leash. I could save Master from these creatures, defeat them on my own. How many creatures can there be? Nothing that a four-legged demon like me couldn’t handle! Master trained me well; go for the throat and stand your ground. These slow, bloody creatures didn’t seem so. It had taken them years to reach Master and I, but now since all the people with big guns and booming things got killed it has only been a matter of a few days travel time for the creatures to become close to us.

I have never seen Master so motionless in all my dog years. Master was always in training and was always energetic. I don’t think Master has gotten up from bed in days. The creatures are making their way here and Master isn’t doing anything to prepare for them to arrive. Master is able to control the guns and can walk taller on two paws instead of four. I cannot control the guns, I cannot walk on two paws, I am doomed for failure, but I must protect my Master. Suddenly, sign three… the smell took over the home of Master and I… and the sounds of growling creatures crept closer and closer. The wood surrounding the house creaked and thumped. The creatures were coming, I tried to pull master out of bed but I just got pushed away.

All I can find myself doing is barking uncontrollably! Get away from my Master! I will attack! STAY AWAY!! Windows starting smashing and the door began to shake. Master just laid in bed… motionless. It was like Master was waiting for these creatures to come kill us. I was not going to let this happen. Blood dripped vigorously from the windows and the creatures as they moaned and groaned as if they were starving. I don’t know what to do! Master needs to get up and help me defend! The creatures are getting closer and closer, blooding dripping from their mouths and body covering the floor. I don’t want to leave Master but I have no choice! These creatures are trying to eat me, but I got away… leaving my Master, screaming and screeching behind me.

I ran as fast as I could to the trees and the trails I knew so well from my lovely adventures with Master. I found a den to stay in for the night, out of sight of the nasty creatures. All I can think about is how I betrayed my Master. I try not to whimper so I am not found, but it is hard to not too. Finally I got to sleep, but would wake up to any sound I heard. The morning was crisp, the chills covered my fur covered body as I lay weak with no motivation to move. Master must be eaten by now. I failed the only thing I was supposed to protect. Maybe Master did get away, maybe Master defeated the creatures and is sad that I am not home. I must go back, but I can hear creatures everywhere. I will have to wait until the darkness comes again. Master has taught me to walk quietly and sneak up on prey. I must use this to sneak home and see if Master is safe!

Creatures are creeping in every direction, slowly, like me after I have enjoyed a nice big meal that Master used to prepare for me. I crawl through the trees and bushes, trying not to make a sound. I didn’t realize how far I ran away from Master to save myself, I couldn’t even see home from where I was. Light screaming flames were leading back to my home. Creatures filled the area, and every step I took was a risk of being heard and attacked from these hungry things. Do they ever sleep? They look so much like Master does but they don’t act like Master does. They don’t speak, the moan and groan like I do when I am upset or angry. This does not make any sense. I don’t like this adventure. I miss Master, I must get home quickly.

My journey seemed much longer than is should have been. Finally I have arrived home. I cannot see Master anywhere. Just blood and broken things cover the floor of my once peaceful home with Master. I call out a quiet whimper to see if Master can hear me. No answer… I slowly walk over to where Master once lay in bed, but master is nowhere to found. Where could Master have gone? Crash! I hear a noise down in the area below my home. Could it be? Did Master get away and survive from these awful creatures? I run with excitement down the steps towards the noise I just heard, and there is my Master! Lying on the floor, full of blood panting as if just running for days. Masters hand slowly reaches out towards me, I cannot help but cry as I realized he is injured. I rush to Master’s side and listen to the breathing slowly fade until I couldn’t hear it any more. I lay here, sad that I left. I shouldn’t have left.

Hours later, I still hadn’t moved from Master’s side. The breathing started again! Master is alive!! Master grabbed me so tight with excitement and kissed me with joy. Wait a minute, I don’t remember kisses hurting like this. Am I blee… Whimpering, barking, screeching…


Kristina Stagg is an education student at Grande Prairie Regional College, majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Physical Education. She loves science fiction stories in general. She also loves to watch hockey and football.

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