Small Fates for a Burnt Person

Caylah Lyons

1. She tried to keep me and make me fall in love with her again.
It’s hard to fall when you’re already on the floor.
Her knuckles were red, and so were my lips. It tasted like hot metal.

2. You asked why you were born.
I didn’t say anything, but had a selfish thought.
You were sent here to make me happy, son. Shine.

3. Our wedding was well-attended, and a lot of people smiled.
We were married, and there were fireworks.
When I played at being her husband, I played to win.

4. Your bedroom was a carnival.
All shiny and bright with colours I don’t know the name of.
Your room was loud and you were so quiet.

5. Let’s try something different.
Tomorrow morning when we get ready for work,
I won’t use her makeup to cover my colourful face.

6. I looked out the window, and you were stepping on all the cracks in the sidewalk.
Didn’t you know that would break your mother’s back?
Maybe you did it on purpose.

7. I drew a picture of what I wanted in a wife.
She was ugly, but kind.
My pen was on fire when I drew her, so she couldn’t be beautiful.

8. I’m a silhouette.
A white paper cutout hanging in the black sky.
You always coloured in the lines perfectly.

9. She said to stay, or never come back.
I don’t understand.
I needed cigarettes, and you needed milk and a new pack of crayons.

10. I’d never felt so content.
It can’t last forever.
Someone is bound to come along and tell me to get out of the fountain.



Caylah Lyons is an artist and author from Fairview, AB, who first liked to draw under the table so she wouldn’t be in the way. She writes, “Gramma says I started drawing before I even knew what the word meant.”

The cover art of this issue of The Waggle is drawn from Lyons’ children’s book Alex in Wonderland.

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