Two Poems – text

Christopher Mulrooney


a slurp and a harrumph with a different mien

than the usual slaphappy highball in the mouth

wrap it around the straw and inhale

border patrol roadside examination quiz kid approbation

of the school system of thought self-satisfied rather




[Hofzinser] loved his card work passionately

       and called it the poetry of his magical art.

                                                               – Houdini


we have the burning bush for an example

of the magic conjuror’s art Houdini would have

a woman sawn in half according to the custom

and in her wake two half-sized pints of girls

one to a customer per the divided box



Christopher Mulrooney is the author of toy balloons (Another New Calligraphy), alarm (Shirt Pocket Press), Rimbaud (Finishing Line Press), supergrooviness (Lost Angelene), and Buson orders leggings (Dink Press).

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