Charlie Brown

Teresa J Wouters

She knows that you want it,
and you know that you NEED it.

So she lures you.
Temps you.
Entices you.

So that you can’t help but feel
yourself pulled towards it.
Your feet moving like pinwheels,
running faster and faster,
towards her tempting invitation.


So you run to it as fast as you can.
Never taking your eye off the ball.

But just as you’re about to KICK IT,
she pulls it away.


Because she knows you want it.
And you know that you need it.

But you’ve fallen on your back,
and you lay there.
Grounded into the dirt,
the mire,
the muck.

Feeling your PAIN.
Feeling your RAGE!
Feeling your ANGUISH!!

That’s love.
That’s it.

Teresa Wouters has an MFA from the University of British Columbia in Creative Writing. She has won several contests for her poems, short stories, and plays which are published in anthologies and magazines. As an English instructor and creative writing groups facilitator, Teresa is passionate in encouraging others to share their stories.

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