Orchid Flowers

Mary Anne Zammit

Bell rings silently and my heart stops bleeding.
Stars shine softly on lucid skies.
The warm feet of a woman as she crosses golden sands,
your eyes casts shades of remembrance,
and in my wake to a new memory.
We walk, we talk.
Your hands reach out, my heart trembles as you put the orchid flowers on my breast,
Awakening me softly.
It is late now and time to go.


Mary Anne Zammit  is a graduate from the University of Malta in Social Work, in Probation Services, in Diplomatic Studies and in Masters in Probation and a Diploma in Freelance and Feature Writing.  Mary Anne is the author of  five  novels  in Maltese and in English. Her poems were published in the Strand Book for International Poetry by Strand Publishers UK and set to music and performed during the Mdina Cathedral Art Biennale by Maestro Rueben Pace.     

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