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Inaugural Call for Submissions

The Waggle is a new online magazine of engaged writing and the arts. We are committed to publishing interesting writing, visual art, and multi-media art from northwestern Canada and the world beyond.

Our name, The Waggle, is taken from the dance performed by honey bees. The dance is central to their communication, culture, and survival. The waggle-dance is performed centrally, within the hive, but provides information about the world beyond, and sends the bees off in new directions, so that every member of the hive can contribute.

Honey bees are essential to our survival. They’re also beautiful, intelligent, and productive.

In the spirit of the dancing bees, we are seeking submissions of art, poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction for our Winter 2014 launch. We will also consider reviews of non-mainstream books and music.

Fiction submissions may be of any genre, as long as the work is well-written. However, we are unable to publish fan fiction.

Deadline for submissions for the first issue is 30 January 2014. (Please feel free to keep sending us wondrous creations beyond that date!)

Visual submissions may be art or photography. Submit .jpg images with a maximum size of 1.5 mb. Submit no more than 5 images at one time.

Visual submissions may include unconventional artwork, cartoons/comics, and other oddities!

All text submissions should be in .pdf format. (Other file types will not be opened or read.) Include the author’s name, contact information (address, phone number, e-mail address), and page numbers. Double-space.

We are looking for

1. Fiction (max 3000 words): stories should be well-crafted, carefully created, and aware of the power of their language. Shorter works such as flash fiction and postcard stories (under 250 words) are particularly encouraged.

2. Poetry (submit no more than 5 poems/100 lines): both conventional and unconventional/experimental poems are welcomed.

3. Hybrid works (max 1000 words): open letters, short satirical pieces, and other oddities. Short, clear, and (if possible) funny.

4. Creative non-fiction (max 3000 words): may include journalism, memoir, personal accounts of events, travels, and personal essays. Submissions dealing with the Peace Region are particularly encouraged.

5. Reviews (max 500 words) of non-mainstream literature, art, and music, including online works are welcomed.

Submit work by e-mail:

I look forward to reading your submissions!

Anna Lapointe
Managing Editor, The Waggle

The fine print:
The Waggle currently has no funding, and so cannot offer contributors payment. We publish online at and provide copies of each “issue” formatted for Kindle, iBooks, and PDF readers.

Copyright of all works remains with the author/artist.

The Waggle is published by an independent editorial collective operating from Grande Prairie Regional College. Neither the College, its sponsors, administration, nor the editorial collective take any responsibility for the opinions or works published herein. Opinions are those of the authors solely.

Works advocating racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of hate are unwelcome in all forums, including this one.



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