Issue 3 Spring/Summer 2015


the waggle – issue 3 – PDF download


Christopher Mulrooney                            two poems

Samina Hadi-Tabassum                           Willy Lomanistan

melanie brannagan fredericksen            memory language



Caylah Lyons                             Small Fates for a Burnt Person

Kristina A. Stagg                       Dog DiarieZ

Katherine Lashley                    The Archivist Columns

Daniel Gillett                            The Feeling

Chris Moylan                            Strike



Jane Arsenault                         Letters of Condolence

Kata Alvidrez                            The Food Seduction



George Hanna                          Road Warriors in Hue, Vietnam


Prakash Kona                           Two Poems Celebrate Life Through Dying

Katelyn Clift-Fabrie              Social Justice and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Using Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone as an Avenue for Social Justice

Lekan Balogun                         Beauty Beyond Filth in Makoko at Osh Gallery


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