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Issue 4 Winter/Spring 2016


the waggle – issue 4 – (Download a PDF copy of the Magazine)



Austin Payer

 Academic Interest  (short fiction)


Rizwan Akhtar

two poems


Aubrey Laughlin

three photos


Kayleigh Ironside

Haunted Mind (short fiction)


Teresa J Wouters

Charlie Brown (poetry)


Bliss Francis

three images


Mary Anne Zammit

Orchid Flowers (poetry)


Brittany N Krantz

se gusta las floras tortugas (photography)


Stephen Cruikshank

The Lethargy of Light (poetry)


Jordy Wiens

The Unfortunate Happy (short fiction)


Anju Sosan George

Intellectual Deliberations (poetry)


Jim Trainer

the gambling life (poetry)



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