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Issue 6 Summer/Fall 2017

Waggle Issue 6 Cover

Cover Art: Shadow Girl by Viv Eliot

Download a PDF copy of this issue.



Zakia Nasir       two poems

Viv Eliot       Alphabet

Jim Trainer       two poems

Jenna Goldsmith       Basket’s lament

Kendra Leonard       two poems

Robert Youngs Pelgrift, Jr.       Forsythia

Ayesha Yaseen       two poems


(visual art)

Ayesha Yaseen       two images

Eleni Pilla       two images



Ayesha Yaseen       For a Rupee

Bethany Barthel       Aren’t We Beautiful?


(personal essay)

Joshua Adair       Road Rage



Julia Turgeon       Dreams of a Happier Year

Natasha Bergeron       Les morales démasquées du Tartuffe


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