Issue 7 Spring/Summer 2018

waggle cover - issue 7

cover art: Sarakiniko Tunnel by Eleni Pilla

Download a PDF copy of this issue.




Noel Sloboda          two poems

Alan Lindsay          If Not Exactly Silver

Tina Strasbourg          sandwich haiku

Chris Macalino          Neo Geo

Kristian Enright          four poems

Elizabeth Chamberlain          Todestriebe

José Duarte          from Observations

Ali Znaidi          The Poetics of Dust Particles


(graphic arts)

Amy Benn          The Year My Brother Died: A Graphic Memoir

Linda Mushka          Searching: Refugee Quilt


(short fiction)

Bethany Barthel          The Beaches of Oregon

Annette Lapointe          Swallow



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