That Song

Carolina Alves Magaldi

 For three months he couldn’t get that song out of his head. It was strange that he could even remember it, given the ethylic level when he first listened to it.

At first it brought sly smiles to his face, memories of bygone parties. That got old in about a week.

He tried meditating, but lacked persistence and a good yoga mat. Bought every pop song available on the whole web as an elaborate plan to trade OCDs, but ended up with Dadaistic collage that always circled back to the same ridiculous song.

In the end, he gave in and embraced his musical tragedy: the song became his ringtone and the first item on his – now useless – playlist.

One day (three moons after what he thought was the end, by the way), he caught himself singing it softly in the line to the bank and a lovely young lady turned around, in awe, declaring that she had been trying to remember the whole song for three months.

He gave the experience an A+ for the result and a D- for the method, but the universe could not care less.

Carolina Alves Magaldi is Brazilian writer and researcher. Graduated in Portuguese, English and Italian languages and respective literatures at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora in Brazil. Has a master’s and a doctor’s degree in Liberal Arts from the same university. Both degrees were dedicated to the study of Romantic epics, mythology cultural identity. Has published short stories at Crioula Magazine and in a compilation of Guemanisse Publishing house, as a finalist in their flash fiction prize. Is currently a visiting professor at the Brazilian Open University and a junior supervisor at the Master’s degree in education management at the Federal university of Juiz de Fora.

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