Cortney Kilkup

There are many like her but only one for me. We found each other in the winter of 2010 in front of my uncle’s house. When I first saw her I noticed her big brown eyes staring at my Polaris Switchback. She was staring at it like she was going to steal it.

I said, “Hey, you notice true beauty, eh.”

She was embarrassed at first, but since then we have laughed, argued and grown not only as a couple but as friends. We cherish every moment we spend with each other.

I adore the way she moves, the one leather coat she wears every day with the patches in the back. Her black shorts also, the only ones she has, with the rip on the bottom. Her complexion, despite the stitches from our third date, when she got hit in the face with a branch.

The winter of 2013 started out good but then went straight downhill. My eyes caught on a set of blue eyes. She noticed and got extremely jealous and broke down on one of our adventures. She pouted and just did not want to start. I took her to my trusted snowmobile mechanic and he diagnosed the problem: her starter.  So I bought her a new one and had it installed.

We went for a ride that evening.  I took her out on the lake, we stopped, I looked at her and said, “Theresa, I have never seen true beauty till this night.”

Cortney Kilcup is 14 years old and in grade 9. This story was an English assignment with the theme of Love at First Sight. Cortney wrote about what he knows and in his own style of Cree humour and storytelling aplomb.


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